Chapter 52
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Nantes Dad "

English Title

Stupid Dad

Volume 7

Tower of Din arc

Anime Episode

Bonds of Fate

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Stupid Dad is the 52nd chapter of Hiro Mashima's Rave Master.

Haru charges against an army of 100 demons to see his dad, and as he charges, he sees a flashback when he was young. After a while, he defeated the whole army yet Demon Card still have a lot of tricks upon their sleeves.


Haru talking to Cattleya in a flashback

Haru talking to Cattleya in his flashback

Haru charges against 100 demonoids to see his father. As he charges, he saw a flashback of himself when he was young. He sees two kids boasting about their fathers catching a big fish, and in the middle of that, he felt jealous of them, having a dad present around them while he did not. He soon goes to Cattleya and tells her to catch a big fish for him but she refuses as she says that Haru don't care about the fish and he just want to show off. Haru begin to feel lonely and Cattleya notices this. Soon, Haru is called by a guy saying that his sister drowned in the ocean. He goes for her and soon, she wakes up. She shows Haru the fish she managed to catch and apologized for its size, as the big one got away. Haru bursts into tears and says that he no longer cares to have a dad as long as he got his sister, and upon hearing this, Cattleya smiled.

He kept fighting the demonoids and soon, he managed to defeat all 100 of them. The news of the demonoids' defeat reaches Gnet, who finds it amusing. He says that they might lack on skill, but they have a huge advantage when it comes to number. He then unleashes Zarshippe the Cyclops to challenge Haru. At first, Zarshippe thought that the demonoids are also his enemies and attacks them, only to be stopped by Gnet who tells him that Haru is the enemy, not the demonoids. Zarshippe attacks, while Haru is commenting on how huge and fast he is, and soon, much to his surprise, Zarshippe dived into the soil. Gnet says that Zarshippe's Dark Bring, Submarine Soil, allows him to swim underground as easily as if it is water. Zarshippe manages to hit Haru directly, but he thinks about his father and that he should meet him immediately rather than waste his time fighting.

Haru tired of fighting

Haru wants to end his fight

Gnet eggs Zarshippe into defeating Haru, but Haru's wish of seeing his father gives him strength and defeats Zarshippe in one blow. Gnet is surprised to see this and tells the whole demonoid army to defeat Haru by offering the position of being the demonoid army general to the one who could defeat Haru. But still Haru wishes to see his dad and defeats 500 of the demonoids, prompting for Gnet to call for his Lord Gale.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Haru Glory
  2. Gale Glory (mentioned)
  3. Demonoids
  4. Garage Island people (flashback)
  5. Cattleya Glory (flashback
  6. Demonoid messenger
  7. Gnet
  8. Zashippe the Cyclops
  9. Gemma (flashback)
  10. Shuda (flashback)
  11. Solasido Sharpner (flashback)

Battles & Events

Weapons, Techniques and Abilities used

Weapons used

Dark Bring used

Techniques used

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Abilities used

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Items used

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