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Sakura Glory (Mother-In-Law; deceased)
Cattleya Glory (Sister-In-Law)

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Manga Debut

Chapter 6

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Episode 1

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Ayako Kawasumi

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Michelle Ruff

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Elie (エリー Erī?) is a member of the Rave Warriors and the main female protagonist of the series. Having lost her memories from the time when she was known as Resha, she traveled with Haru Glory in search for them.


Elie is a teenage girl of average height. She sports her brown locks in a short hairstyle, falling barely past her nape, with fringes running above her eyebrows. She also seems to catch a lot of male attention in the series due to her beauty, curvaceous body and large breasts. Elie fancies the clothing lines Heart Kreuz and Love Believer, and her outfits are typically of the brands. In earlier episodes, Elie wears a white tank top with red singlets with a heart cross mark design at the center of her tank top, blue denim skirt with three buttons at the center, and a pair of dark brown boots. Elie carries her Tonfa Blasters in a holster strapped around her belt which bears the name "Love Believer". In the anime, the branded clothing lines are not seen while wearing her outfit. On her left arm it has a mark of "ELIE" appears when using her Etherion magic as Sieg Hart mentions of her as experiment no. "3173".

In the middle episodes, Elie's primary outfit has minor changes, her tank top becomes a white sleeveless top and the straps, heart cross design and singlets are now light pink and her denim skirt are now pink.

In the near end and the final episode of the anime, Elie's sleeveless top is replaced with a white sleeveless midriff with yellow outlines on the straps and cross design straps in the center and the heart cross design is now at the left side and her denim skirt is now dark pink with designs at the edge.

When she was attacked by Sieg Hart who attempts to kill her and prior to her meeting with Haru who refers to her as experiment no. "3173", she wears a black sleeveless suit similar to a sleeveless aquatic suit, she was barefoot and is not seen wielding her Tonfa Blasters. A running gag shows that, Elie wears nothing beneath her upper outfit implying that she does not wore a bra during her travels with Haru a prime example shows when the Jiggly Butt Bandits barge on her room while Elie is dressing her sleeveless top as she blasted them with her Tonfa Blasters and Griffin Kato is also peeking her when she dresses up as he mentions her in the near end of the anime.


Elie has a bubbly personality that can sometimes border into being silly or even ditzy. She is able to keep a positive outlook on life, even when she things seem bleak with her past and future. With her amazing fortune, Elie is very fond of gambling. She is usually in charge of winning money for her and Haru's journey. Elie also adores Plue, but mistakes the latter for being a "bug".[1]


Intro arc

Hiding from Georco's henchmen, Haru Glory slips under Elie's table. When one of Georco's people inquires about the lad, Elie hides Haru in between her legs, but was not questioned further because of her reputation in the area.[2] When they are finally left alone, Elie strikes a friendly conversation with Haru. She is surprised to find out that he is not from around the place, and reveals that Demon Card has a very strong grasp on Hip Hop Town; entering the town is easy enough, but leaving it requires paying an enormous fee to Demon Card.[3] Elie assures him, however, that after the race, she will be able to whisk the two of them out of Hip Hop Town.

When the main event of the dog race, Battle Road begins, Elie cheers on for Plue, having bet all her life savings on him, much to Haru's aghast.[4] Elie is surprised to find that Plue is actually Haru's dog, but does not allow the latter to rescue Plue, emphasizing that she has invested all her money on him. In addition, Elie admits that she believes Plue is really a bug capable of flight, and is a sure win for the race.[5]

Elie rescues Haru

Elie goes on a rampage.

When the Battle Road makes an unprecedented turn for barbaric, Elie is taken aback.[6] Haru's attempt at rescuing Plue leads to the latter's consequent dropping out of the race. Angered over this, Elie goes on a rampage, releasing rounds of bullets from her Tonfa Blasters, demanding that Plue be raced once more.[7]

Elie eventually cools down and asks if she could keep Plue. She continues her previous conversation with Haru, admitting that she herself is looking for something as well. She gives the directions to where Haru's headed, but refuses his offer of joining him. She confesses that what she is looking for are her memories.[8]

Despite her initial refusal, Haru is undeterred and assures Elie that they will be able to find her memories if they stick together. Out of happiness, Elie fires away at the stadium, causing the structure to fall apart entirely.[9] The two of them are rescued by Plue, and the group leaves Hip Hop Town via cart pulled by the dogs Plue had set free.[10] When Haru still refuses to hand Plue over to Elie, Elie chucks the dog at the lad in retribution. As he chases her around, Elie silently thanks Haru.[11]

Lance arc

At Punk Street, Elie goes to a casino while Haru goes to a restaurant. While Haru meets Galein Musica the legendary blacksmith[12], Elie meets the blacksmith's grandson Hamrio Musica. Musica, thinking Elie is trying to flirt with him, follows but is met with the confusion of two possible Musicas. When they are attacked by Demon Card, Elie unleashes her new Tonfa Blasters, "nearly killing" Musica.[13]

Elie captured by lance

Lance captures Elie.

Later on, Elie is captured by Lance.[14] Lance threatens to kill Elie if Haru doesn't come, and Musica offers to help. With Lance's sword by her neck, Elie silently apologizes to Haru. Bored, she asks Lance to play Shiritori (a Japanese word game) with her, annoying Lance. When Musica comes to rescue her and asks if Lance did anything bad, she jokingly said that Lance tried to peek under her shirt. When Lance threatens to kill her, she calls out for Haru, who appears just in time.[15]

When Haru finally defeats Lance, Elie asks if he is okay and tries to wake him up, and smiles when he responds. After they escape, she tries to perform artificial respiration on Haru, and smacks him when he wakes up before she starts. [16]After Haru is fully healed, he and Elie head over to the Rave of Knowledge.

Dancing thunder arc

Elie and Haru go north with Griffon Kato and Tanchimo who serve as a guide and a horse. As they take a break, Elie says that she feels as if she has seen the rave before.[17] Haru stares at her, confused, and Elie mistakes it for Haru thinking she is crazy, so she leaves to the hot spring with Plue, says that Plue's nose looks fun to spin, and tells the others not to peek. In the spring, she starts to spin Plue's nose, and Plue shriveled up. As they try to figure out how to fix Plue, Haru, annoyed, goes to bed while Elie tries to get Plue to a hospital, thinking it is all her fault. She injures her feet and runs into a monster, who Haru drives away.[18] Plue turns back to normal when he wakes up, and Elie figures out that it is because he was waterlogged.

When a thunderstorm starts up, Elie becomes terrified, so the group stops at Ska Village. There, they go into a hotel, greeted by Lasagna. When Lasagna mentions a man of thunder, Elie thinks that it is Sieghart, and runs off, with Haru trying to catch up.[19] She remembers when she had just lost her memory, and Sieghart shocked her with his thunder magic. Elie gets to the thunder mansion and sees Go with his group, who refer to her as "boy" and mistake her for the rave master. Elie tries to leave because Sieghart was not there, but is blocked. When she says that she is looking for someone more handsome than Go, Go attacks her in anger and subsequently is attacked by Haru, and Go's girlfriend, Rosa, takes his place in the battle.[20]

Rosa begins to attack by forcing all men to dance, leaving Elie (who thinks Haru looks cool dancing). She then begins to

Elie blocks rosa

Elie blocks Rosa's attack.

fight with Elie. Rosa's dancing wolf weapon turns around and aims at herself when Elie blocks it, and when Rosa cries out for someone to help her, Elie stops the weapon, saying she knows how hard it can be to be an actress without good looks.[21] Rosa then says she will ask Go to stop the rain, but Go punches her and assumes that Haru did it, triggering a battle. When Elie shivers because of Go's thunder, Plue tries to cheer her up, successfully. When the thunder strikes near her, she chucks Plue at Go, shattering his dark bring and defeating him.[22]

As the rain is stopped, Elie and Haru turn to leave. Go shows Elie a picture of Sieghart and tells her to stay away from him because he is an elemental master. Lasagna calls Elie and Haru "as beautiful as the sky" for bringing clear skies to Ska Village. [23]

Shuda arc

Elie and the group, at Tremolo mountain, plan to go into Akumu hall and take the rave, but notice a Demon Card army surrounding it and trying to exavate the rave, led by Shuda.[24] They meet Deerhound there (who first introduces himself as "kuma" which means "bear" in Japanese) who warns them that Akumu hall is dangerous. They ignore the warning, knock out some soldiers, disguise themselves, and successfully infiltrate the hall. However, due to sleeping pollen, they all fall asleep.[25] Schneider gets rid of the pollen and inserts a "vaccine" to the flower's toxin into each of the group. They then travel for a bit before falling asleep again. Elie and Haru wake up to a person holding a knife against Schneider's neck, who has a hook pointed towards Haru. The person reveals that Schneider is an assassin sent by Shuda to kill Haru, and defeats Schneider.[26] After revealing that he is actually Musica, he tries to fight with Haru, but they both are stopped by Elie who calls them idiots and says that she will be the "commander".

Elie happy to see haru

Elie delighted to see that Haru has woken up.

After walking for a while, they find the door to the rave. Elie is able to read the sign on the door which was written in old symphonian writing ("Beyond this door lies the resting place of the rave, none shall enter. Those who dare to enter, prepare to fall victim to the ghost of symphonia"), which none of them should be able to read.[27] Even Elie is confused by this, saying that she must have been a good student in the past. (In reality, she came from fifty years ago, where the writing was common.) Inside the room they meet Deerhound again, who says that he is the guardian of the rave (and knows Plue well). After Haru receives the rave, Deerhound asks who Elie is, who responds that she doesn't know, and Deerhound notices that she looks exactly like Resha.[28]

On Shuda's mobile fortress, Rhapsodia, Poosya says that Elie is "adorable" and calls her "my girl". Musica stops him, who in turn fires some glue and sticks Elie to the ground. Suda also triggers and explosion on Elie, knocking her unconcious.[29] When she wakes up, she wishes Haru good luck and is visibly worried when he seems to be at a disadvantage. She notices that the fortress is about to self destruct, and helps to call the Silver Rhythm Gang (the phone gets immediately taken by Musica due to her overreacting). When Haru falls to the ground unconcious after defeating Shuda, Elie gives Haru first aid and smiles when Haru wakes up. She then notices a room full of planes, and the group escapes.[30]

Mystery of Elie arc

Elie at the resha picture

Elie lying beside the painting of Resha.

Elie, having won many casino games, shows Haru her casino member card and takes him to dinner, and becomes very upset when she loses it.[31] Afterwards she changes into a swinsuit at a beach, attracting many men there. When she plays beach ball with Plue, she praises Plue for stabbing and deflating it with its horn. At the symphonia museum, they browse around. Elie is shocked when she sees a theorized picture of Plue showing an actual dog with a unicorn-style horn. Later she says her head hurts a little and leaves for a bit, but the headache gets worse and worse.[32] She stumbles upon a picture of Resha Valentine, stating that it looks exactly like her. She reads that Resha was a great dancer and had an amazing power. Some of her memories from when she, as Resha, was sitting at her grave resurfaces.[33]

Sieghart appears behind Elie, who is crying by herself. Elie recognizes him and learns that he is the guardian of time. Sieghart says that she must be a human test tube, subject number 3173, and that she has etherion. Elie denies all of this and says that she must have a family.[34] She then starts to cry and begs Sieghart to tell her the truth, and is told that she can just be Elie. Sieghart then tries to kill Elie, first with electricity, then poison, which causes Elie to beg for death. As Sieghart is dealing the final blow, Haru shows up and blocks it, and Elie tearfully says that she missed him. She explains that she made some new memories while she was with him, and calls Haru an idiot, before trying to inform him that she is 3173, but Haru says that she will always just be Elie. Elie then appears to be dying, but the etherion neutralizes the poison. Haru uses his courage and summons rune save while seemingly being beaten by Sieghart. Sieghart uses his strongest spell - altearith, which causes an illusion where people die for the victim's sake and then the victim dies - and traps Haru in it.[35] But when Haru and Elie meet inside, etherion awakens, and Haru stabs Elie to stop it. He stabbed her with rune save, so it wouldn't do Elie any harm. After the battle, the group enjoys themselves at a party with fireworks.

Tower of Din arc

Symphonia arc

Later on, Elie unintentionally kills Haru with her own hands. From doing that she loses her memories again but everyone thinks it's fine because its better if she forgot. Haru gets resurrected some time later and when Elie sees him, she gets her memories back, they share a kiss, and get married.

Mermaid's peril arc

Star vestige arc

People of time arc

Blue guardians arc

The truth of Elie arc

Final battle arc


Tonfa Blasters: Elie owns a pair of tonfas capable of firing rounds of bullets, later on capable of firing magic. The blasts she releases are powerful enough to destroy Georco's Smoke Hiz-ouse, a vault of four tons of steel,[36] and even an entire stadium.[37]

Space-Time Staff: Elie used a magical staff she found to destroy Endless.[38] It is also capable of summoning and banishing Endless.[39] She and Belnika used it together to banish Endless.

Belnika and elie seal endless

Belnika and Elie banish Endless together.


Elie's previous appearance when she is still Resha Valentine five decades ago greatly resembles Hylia in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword manga adaptation.

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