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Hip Hop Town
Hip Hop Town
Located In

Song Continent

Controlled By

Demon Card (Previously)

Manga Debut

Chapter 5

Hip Hop Town is a city in Song Continent.


It was a previous stronghold of Demon Card, under the control of Georco, notorious for hosting brutal dog races.[1] Passage into the town is hardly an issue, but leaving it requires a substantial toll fee imposed by Demon Card.[2] This particular rule became obsolete upon the defeat of Georco and his men.[3]


Hip Hop Town is located at the southern tip of Song Continent. A massive ocean serves as a border for the town.[4] To its north lies Punk Street, and to its south is Garage Island.[5]

Notable Events

Hip Hop Town is the very first city that Rave Master Haru Glory had visited outside of Garage Island. On a journey to find the Blacksmith Musica, Haru and Plue dock in the town for supplies, but Plue is kidnapped instead and drafted into a dog race. In Haru's attempt to rescue him, he is confronted by the Demon Card soldier Georco, and meets Elie.[6][7] Haru and Elie manage to defeat Georco and frighten away his henchmen, effectively freeing the town from Demon Card's influence.[8]


Stadium: is where the infamous dog races are hosted. It serves as the primary base of Georco and his henchmen.[1]


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