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Oracion Six sometimes translated as the Oracion Seis is a group that are the six most powerful warriors and leaders in the terrorist organization known as Demon Card, and they take their orders from the individual known as King, Demon Card's most powerful warrior and its supreme ruler. It is said that Each of the Oracion Six members have the strength of a national superpower and are more than capable of claiming one or two nations for plunder by themselves.


Former Members

Six Star Dark Bring

Quite possibly the Oracion Seis' defining attribute, this set of special Dark Brings are considered to be the most powerful in the world, second only perhaps to the five pieces of the mother of all Dark Brings, Sinclaire (which caused the Overdrive 50 years ago). The Six Star Dark Brings enable each member of the Oracion Six to bend a force of nature to their will.


  • The Oracion Seis name is also used in Hiro Mashima's other manga, Fairy Tail.

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