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MSP Crest
MSP Welcome

If you have any questions please contact the Master or one of our Ace Members, thank you.

Lucia Raregroove
  • Info on joining our Project is posted below.
  • The Edels received for the jobs are all equal.
  • Contact Omega natsu2 or Alois-pyon about info on manga summaries.
  • Enjoy your stay while with our Project, and we hope that you will consider joining.

Manga Summary Project

The Manga Summary Project is a group of Rave Master Wiki Users who have the task of correcting and updating the chapter pages of our wiki, and writing new and correct chapter summaries as the chapter are released. These users are dedicated to the task of making sure the chapter pages within the Wiki are correct. All users should read our summary guidelines before you start writing summaries.

Project Stats

Project Colors  Red   Black 
Project Mascot Lucia Raregroove
Project Crest MSP Crest

Roles of the Manga Summary Project

The following are the duties of the project:

1. To write the new chapter summaries as the chapter debuts.
2. To correct and rewrite all old summaries.
3. To fix the format of the chapter pages.


Member Signature Admission Current Status
Supervisor Omega natsu2 (Talk) MegaPanchamTalk June 2, 2012 Active
Project Master Alois-pyon (Talk)     AloisShiro-chan June 2, 2012 Active
Member Takashichea (Talk) Taka shichea June 15, 2012 Active
Member Wrath022 (Talk) WrathChibi RogueZero June 20, 2013 Active


  • Has the right to promote and demote users.
  • Has the right to allow users to Join the Project and add their name to the registry.
  • Has the right to check completed jobs and move them to the completed list.
  • Has the right to remove inactive users.
  • Has the right to take and complete jobs.

Project Master

  • Is the primary contact for the Project.
  • Has the right to check completed jobs and move them to the completed list.
  • Has the right to remove inactive users.
  • Has the right to allow users to Join the Project and add their name to the registry.
  • Has the right to take and complete jobs.

Ace Members

  • Has the right to report inactive users to the Project Master.
  • Has the right to allow users to Join the Project and add their name to the registry.
  • Has the right to check completed jobs and move them to the completed list.
  • Has the right to take and complete jobs.


  • Has the right to take and complete jobs.


  • All users that go a month without doing at least two summaries will be tagged as "Inactive", and if you go two months without taking a job you will be excommunicated without warning.


Here at the Manga Summary Project, you pick up jobs from the Jobs section below, and write the summary for it. We do jobs by arcs, meaning that all the chapters from one arc should be on the job list at one time. If an arc is complete then the Project Master will post the new jobs. All Jobs are worth the same amount of Edels, and at the end of the month, Omega natsu2 or Alois-pyon will tally all the points and whoever has earned the most Edels will be called the Member of the Month. If you see a job that you want to take, simply put Taken By and your signature beside it. Once you are finished, place Completed By beside it, and it will be checked for completion.

When signing up for a job, please use ~~~ instead of ~~~~ so that your timestamp isn't left.

Joining the Manga Summary Project

If you wish to join the Project, simply bring it up on the talk page. Once a user's application is reviewed and approved, s/he will be added to the members list. All users should be dedicated to their jobs, and must not be anonymous users. If you wish to join the project, you must create an account. You must also be an active and helpful contributor for at least a month on this wiki before being accepted. Applications posted while applications are closed will be ignored. Only the Project Master or Supervisor may open/close applications. However, members/applicants may bring up a request to open/close in the talk page provided there is a valid reason.

Excommunication from our Project

Any users that go two month without taking at least four jobs or more, will be excommunicated from the Manga Project. When you are excommunicated, you must take our Project's Badge off of your userpage within two days of being notified of your excommunication. If you do not remove it, one of your fellow Project members will. Excommunications aren't permanent and if you wish to rejoin the guild, simply re-apply.

Job Guidelines

There are a series of different jobs that can be taken here at the Manga Summary Project. It is important that all members of the Project and all users looking to apply for the Manga Summary Project have fully read through and understand the rules and regulations for the jobs they will be undertaking. It is important that you follow these guidelines so that your work is in correlation with the Wiki's Manual of Style, Layout Guide, and the expectations of the Manga Summary Project. Listed below are the guidelines that all users will need to follow when completing jobs.

If you should have any questions surrounding the above guidelines for the Manga Summary Project, do not hesitate to contact the Project Master or one of the Ace Members for assistance.

Project Template

For use by members ONLY!

MSP Crest This user is a Member of the Manga Summary Project.

Type {{MangaSummaryProject}} on your user page; this mark is a symbol that you're a Member of our Project. If you are excommunicated from the Project, you must remove it from your user page, or another user will remove it for you.


Completed Jobs

List of jobs that are completed this month. For all the others, please view the Completed Archive to the right.

Completed Jobs Archive

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