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The Rave Of Knowledge (or Rave of Wisdom in Manga) is the Rave that allows Haru to call upon the other forms of the Ten Commandments. Deerhound further said that even if Haru haven't experienced yet how to use the other forms of the Ten Commandments, he will already know when necessity arises. It also allows him to have the abilities of a master swordsman.. The Rave of Knolwedge was then guarded by Deerhound, for fifty years after the Overdrive (his spirit took the form of a Bear to take care of the Rave of Knowledge). After giving Haru the Rave of Knowledge, Deerhound told Haru "there must never be another war, that's why the Rave power exists, to promote good and to destroy the source of evil."

Rave of Knowledge

Rave of Knowledge

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