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Shuda's Subordinate is a Demon Card foot soldier, assigned to Garage Island under the leadership of Shuda.


Shuda's subordinate stands at average height, coming up a little shorter than Shuda. He dons a black cap with elongated spikes for embellishment, and with his brown hair tucked underneath it. He has a cane-shaped marking on the left side of his face, running up the length of his jaw, to a little past his eye. Shuda's subordinate wears a black shirt underneath a light vest, matched with a pair of dark pants and shoes.[1]


Loyal to his superior, Shuda's subordinate is quick to report any news which concerns Demon Card. He respects Shuda, and stands in rapt attention when conversing with the latter. Finally, he does not question Shuda's decisions, and does not supply any more input than what is asked of him.


Intro Arc

After Shuda brutalizes shop owner Gemma, his subordinate rushes to deliver the news of Feber's defeat to Haru Glory. He respectfully salutes his superior, and while he is openly confused over Shuda's new goal of tracking down the Rave Master himself, Shuda's subordinate does not question this motive.[2]

Later on, when Shuda engages Haru Glory in a battle by the coast of Garage Island, Shuda's subordinate, alongside his fellow Demon Card foot soldiers, watches with pride for his superior.[3]


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