Tonfa Blasters are the weapon of choice for Elie. They are red and black in color and can shoot multiple rounds of bullets, much like a machine gun.
Tonfa blasters

Elie firing using her tonfa blasters.

This feature is especially useful when Elie goes on a rampage and tries to shoot everything. The blasters are held using a handle that lays towards the side of the blasters, so that the blasters lay across the user’s arms. As a result, they have been used by Elie to block attacks, such as Rosa’s blade in the mansion of thunder. They were mistakenly modified to fire stronger rounds with less ammo. When Elie first learns to use Etherion in combat during her fight with Koala, she starts to fill them with Etherion to fire magic bullets.
Blocking with tonfa blasters

Elie uses her Tonfa Blaster to block Rosa's attack.

Elie begins her rampage

Elie firing her Tonfa Blasters.

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