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    Because my summer break has, at long last, finally rolled in, I can now safely return to the interwebs and totally forget how much of a disaster my first year in college had been. Before anything else, I really am sorry to everyone who I left behind in this Wiki. I know I've been a horrible contributor (blah, blah, blah...), but I assure you I will be available all summer long, and I'll try to make the best of it. To any new user whom I haven't met before (had appeared at some point while I was burning in the hell that is my Uni), greetings! I'm the Wiki's resident Onion, Alois!

    And to the others who already know me, *grovels and desperately begs for you mercy and forgiveness*.

    So my personal woes aren't really the point of this blog…

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    Taka-kun once made a guide to the Rave Master universe. It's my turn now to write a reference for users when writing Wiki pages--chapter pages, character pages, et cetera. The problem with not having a guide is that there is an inconsistency. To avoid the lack of uniformity, I took the liberty of penning things down once and for all.

    Here are the basic things needed when writing pages.

    1. Put a space before the information.
         Ex: |race= Human
    2. Units are to be written in lower case.
         Ex: cm, kg, et cetera. (1)
    3. Do not bold anything written in the info-box.

    1. The one-liner introduction should not be excessively long; it needs only to go over the very basic detail about a character. For event summaries, four or five sentences at most would suffice. Yo…

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  • Alois-pyon

    Work loads

    July 22, 2012 by Alois-pyon

    Hello my fellow Wikians!

    You may not know this, but I am suffering from slight and occasional streaks obsessive compulsiveness, be it on the interwebs or in real-life. I go bananas over anything and everything that I find to be disorganized. And presently, as you may know it, our Wiki is sort of in a state of disorganized. But even if it doesn't sit very well with me, if it's just me alone, I couldn't do much about it (but sulk).

    However, this doesn't just concern me and my petty little problems. This is a community issue which needs immediate attention. And what we need now is a system which will help us organize our Wiki. I propose that all the active users take equal amount of work, which other users are not allowed to meddle with, unless…

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  • Alois-pyon

    Spoilers! Read at your own risk.

    Among the handful of deaths in Rave Master, the one that left the most emotional impact on me (thus far) would definitely have to be Reina's. Which is surprising, because I barely cried when she died; much unlike when the two Gales kicked the bucket, and I was sobbing so hard, it was hilarious. This is probably because I've read Fairy Tail before I read Rave Master, and we all know how lighthearted Fairy Tail is. Jellal's death was supposed to be one of it's darkest moments, and wouldn't you know it? He came back and is now a major character.

    Reina, on the other hand, would never comeback. She's with her father now, and while that's a good thing in itself, it's most tragic for the readers. I feel like this is Mas…

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