Because my summer break has, at long last, finally rolled in, I can now safely return to the interwebs and totally forget how much of a disaster my first year in college had been. Before anything else, I really am sorry to everyone who I left behind in this Wiki. I know I've been a horrible contributor (blah, blah, blah...), but I assure you I will be available all summer long, and I'll try to make the best of it. To any new user whom I haven't met before (had appeared at some point while I was burning in the hell that is my Uni), greetings! I'm the Wiki's resident Onion, Alois!

And to the others who already know me, *grovels and desperately begs for you mercy and forgiveness*.

So my personal woes aren't really the point of this blog...

I'm calling the attention of any and all users who have made/are making significant edits/contributions on the following pages:

  1. Haru Glory
  2. Elie
  3. Plue

We need to reach a compromise, of sorts. For some time before my hiatus, I took it upon myself to make small but consistent edits on the above-mentioned pages. Because these are major characters, their pages are given top priority and should only contain high-quality edits. Unfortunately, it is something the Wiki is yet to achieve, especially with the constant lack of editors consistently working on these pages. Until the time I left, I was not able to complete these pages, and neither have I published the drafts I've made of the contents of these.

I understand that during my absence, other editors have taken responsibility for this. However, while I do not hold anything against anyone and I am thankful for your contributions, we are yet to establish any clear grounds on who should edit what and when. This could lead to a lot of potential edit conflicts, and possible arguments among users, if ever.

So to prevent that, I need you people to state what part of these pages do you wish to edit. For example, you can say you want to fix the Intro Arc of Haru's page. You have to be very specific to avoid misunderstandings. Presently, I am rewriting Haru's Intro Arc, on top of writing or revising other minor character's synopses as well. It's a very taxing activity, and not at all a smart thing to do, but you understand we're lacking in staff.

We need to make the most out of our manpower (woman-power?). Everyone, your assistance will highly be appreciated.

Thank you!

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