Hello my fellow Wikians!

You may not know this, but I am suffering from slight and occasional streaks obsessive compulsiveness, be it on the interwebs or in real-life. I go bananas over anything and everything that I find to be disorganized. And presently, as you may know it, our Wiki is sort of in a state of disorganized. But even if it doesn't sit very well with me, if it's just me alone, I couldn't do much about it (but sulk).

However, this doesn't just concern me and my petty little problems. This is a community issue which needs immediate attention. And what we need now is a system which will help us organize our Wiki. I propose that all the active users take equal amount of work, which other users are not allowed to meddle with, unless it is complete, and is only needing double-checking.

For example, I will finish the summaries for all the manga chapters. Someone else will do the arc pages, another for the Rave Warriors pages, and so on and so forth. This way, all the pages will get tended to; no two users will work on the same thing (like what I accidentally did with the Melodia page. LOL.), and no page will get neglected either. The jobs would get done if there are people who have the responsibility over them, and not just those who volunteer for/feel like it.

Since I'm positive all of us hate deadlines one way or another, I wouldn't suggest strict due dates for these jobs. However, it is still necessary to impose a time limit, otherwise it's likely that the jobs would get postponed until they are completely forgotten. I'd say that two weeks for a page should be fair enough, depending on the length. Minor characters could be finished in one week, and major characters could be done in a month. Summaries could have two weeks, and arcs could take a month as well.

The thing is, I can't think of a 'consequence' should someone not do their job properly. And this is where I'm asking you guys for your suggestions. Please tell me what you think so we could work on this issue. I know we all want to make Rave Master and awesome wiki, which is why we need to double our efforts for this.

Soooo... whaddaya think?

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